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Stress and Infertility in NYC

February 19, 2012

Infertility strikes around 7 million women in the United States on the 15-44 age bracket.  For many of these women who are infertile and their mates, this is sad and stressful news.  Some do aspire and dream of becoming parents while some just want to give their parents grandchildren that they can spend quality time with.  Whatever the case, they try to find answers to this problem.

There are assertions that infertility causes stress and vice versa.  For the stress causes infertility argument, there are clear signs that stress does indeed affect fertility both for women and men.  For men, stress can cause impotency, low sperm count and poor sperm motility and quality.  Women who are constantly bombarded with stressful situations, they can suffer from irregular menstruation or develop poor quality eggs.

Interestingly, the same part of the brain regulates both sex hormones and stress.  This fact can make a lot of sense as to why high stress levels in the mind and body can severely affect menstruation and ovulation and in the end, fertility.  Stress can also lead to unhealthy living.  A lot of people with high stress levels take to substances like drugs, alcohol or tobacco to compensate for their internal tension; some may use food to find “comfort” from their situation.  We all can agree that an unhealthy lifestyle does affect fertility in both male and female in a huge way.

Science is aware of the destructive power of stress and has devised ways to combat it with various forms of methods like drugs, counseling and others.  For a sensible person, the best way to avoid stress is to change one’s lifestyle and diet into something more simple and healthy.  The more you take on responsibility the higher the likelihood of stress you may experience.  Try to also be more attentive to your partner’s needs.  If your partner is happy with you, then you can be happy too. Male infertility might be a sign, albeit often false, for the woman that her partner is not satisfied with her or is not attracted to her anymore.  Try to eat healthy, highly nutritious foods that make you satiated with just a few food intakes.  Try to be proactive and seek better ways to treat your infertility.  Try to read and research even a little about acupuncture treatment for infertility online as it can show you an alternative that may perfectly address your fertility problem.  Acupuncture New York even as a treatment for stress itself, is probably the best treatment for stress and non-structural types of infertility.  Yes stress and infertility go hand in hand.  With a little initiative both of these problems can be addressed in a safe and natural way with acupuncture.