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TCM and Acupuncture NYC to Treat Weak Digestive and Respiratory Functions

August 14, 2012

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) sees digestion akin to fire that uses food as fuel.  It leaves “burnt ash” in the form of waste which the large intestine excretes out of the body.  When a person suffers from food allergy, this means that the fire that consumes the food is weak and the poor digestion function makes it hard to break down foods making them travel and pass from the intestines not completely digested.  This causes diarrhea and abdominal pain.  People with this kind of problem show symptoms signifying low fire in TCM.  These symptoms can include tiredness after eating, cold feet and hands and added weight.  The acupuncturist treats this problem with both herbs and acupuncture New York that help elevate body metabolism and make the digestive functions much better and more efficient.  Spices can help provide heat to the digestive organs as well as supplementing the digestive enzymes. Warming and bolstering the digestive organs is essential and can offset multiple food sensitivities that are caused by weak digestion.

Some food allergies generate vomiting and nausea symptoms.  TCM sees every body organ connected to a specific direction when it is normally functioning.  In the case of the stomach its direction configuration is down.  This means the stomach naturally empties its load which goes downwards to the small intestine.  The failure of the stomach to digest foods properly makes the direction associated to the stomach all messed up; this causes vomiting and nausea.  Other interpretations of this problem see the stomach not following its right direction configuration thereby resulting in hiccups, belching, heartburn and acid reflux.  TCM activates the production and release of gastric juices which helps bring back the stomach to its right direction focusing the energy to a downward configuration.  Ginger is one of the most effective herbs that can correct the energy of the stomach.  This herb is very effective in treating morning sickness.

Allergies that affect the respiratory system manifest symptoms like wheezing, cough or nasal congestion. All these symptoms signify too much phlegm inside the body.  The best way to treat these symptoms is utilizing herbs that aid the body to “convert phlegm.”  These specific herbs soften up the mucus making it easier to remove the extra mucus in the body.  Changing dietary habits needs to be done also.  Lessening or avoiding the consumption of dairy foods, refined carbohydrates and all types of foods that help produce excess phlegm should be done.

Herbs and acupuncture also help to open up the sinuses and lungs and beef up the immune system. These two natural modalities can also address the excess mucus dwelling in the digestive organs which is a by-product of inefficient digestion.  This treatment is ideal for patients suffering from congestion that occurs soon after eating specific foods or after eating meals.