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The Many Benefits Of Acupressure Therapy

August 6, 2017

Acupressure therapy is a regimen that has been practiced by the Chinese as far back as 1600 BC. When it comes to your hair, it can provide many benefits such as:

1. Removing skin debris and cells and dandruff
2. The elimination of toxins
3. Transporting oxygen to the scalp
4. Increased health of the blood
5. Enhanced flow of blood to the face and scalp

The above-mentioned benefits lead to the strengthening of your existing hair and stimulated growth of new hair. You can increase acupressure massage’s overall benefits by massaging the scalp with olive oil as the oil neutralizes a hormone associated with hair loss, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) since the natural ingredients in olive oil can inhibit the development of Dihydrotestosterone on the scalp. So, using this oil to massage your scalp helps promote the growth of new hair internally and externally.

How to Do Scalp Acupressure Massage

1. Begin by twirling a lock of hair around your finger and gently pull it on its roots to activate the nerve endings.

2. An area on the scalp about six to eight widths above the eyebrows called the “the seat of bliss” is where you begin your massage. You might be able to feel that this area is a bit softer than the rest of your skull.

3. Gently massage the seat of bliss with circular strokes. Afterwards, massage the rest of the skull. As you move away from the seat of bliss, make your strokes a bit firmer.

4. As you start massaging the other parts of your head, be sure to include the occipital ridge as this is the area where the skull connects to the muscles. This area is found above the neck, on the hairline. It is where a potent acupressure point is located that can help relieve tension. This is an area where you can experience a deeper release of tension. Apply pressure with your fingers or thumb to this point and hold the pressure for a few minutes. After you release the pressure, you can start feeling your blood circulating more easily and after a short while, the tension starts to dissipate.

5. Use your fingers to draw a line with your finger down the middle of your scalp. In this line is where several acupressure points are located that can be stimulated with gentle pressure using your finger pads. When you reach the bottom of your hairline, stop the massage.

6. Next, focus your massage on the edge of the hairline that frames the face. Besides massaging these points to promote hair growth, they are also ideal spots to help alleviate stress.

7. All over your scalp, you can find acupressure points that can be therapeutically stimulated, so you need to make sure your finger pads are able to massage the entire area. The process of applying pressure can be repeated as many times as you want. When you feel the acupressure points loosening up a bit, repeat the process until you experience substantial relief.

8. By following these instructions, the circulation of oxygen and nutrients is forced upward towards the scalp spurring hair growth from the inside; in turn, the olive oil will help eliminate the buildup of DHT on the outside.

Other acupressure points that are as equally powerful as the seat of bliss point are located on your eyebrow’s inner corner, behind the ears, and in the jaw. To complement the massage therapy on the seat of bliss, those other points can be added to your daily massage regimen. Listed below is a guide on what points to use and the benefits that can be attained when you manipulate them.

The Occipital Ridge

You can find the occipital ridge at the back of the head where the spine meets the base of the skull. Along this area, muscles are attached that usually become cramped and tense when we are stressed or have been sitting for long periods of time. A rhythmical circular and slow massage or a strong stroking motion on the tense points of the occipital ridge will alleviate head, shoulder, and neck tension. Massaging often alleviates headaches extremely well that there’s no need for painkillers. When the stroking motion is performed, it helps promote the smooth flow of spinal fluid into the vertebrae resulting in significant relief of stress and a deep sense of wellbeing. When the points on the occipital ridge are massaged and stimulated, it boosts blood circulation to the scalp that in turn, can help spur the growth of new hair.

The Jaw

A lot of people may be surprised to know that acupressure massage in Boca Raton can stimulate the muscles connected to the jaw. The fact is these muscles constantly hold a tremendous amount of tension and unfortunately, most of us miss out on the fantastic benefits that can be gained in the stimulation of this specific acupressure point. Circulation to the facial muscles can be increased by massaging the jaw that increases the amount of nutrients into the muscles resulting in the prevention of wrinkles, a glowing and healthy skin, and enhanced muscle tone. The best way to massage the jaw is to allow the mouth to drop open and feel for areas that are tense. Once the tense points along the muscle connections are identified, start doing a circular and soft massage. Be gentle when starting, since for a lot of people, these tense points are usually very tender.

The Temples

Massaging the temples in a circular manner is a popular way to cure a headache; but what many do not know is that this massage also increases blood circulation to the scalp and face, helping the skin obtain a healthy glow and encourages the growth of hair. The improved circulation to the face also prevents premature aging and fosters muscle tone. When done right, massaging the temples in a rhythmical fashion can relieve aches and loosen tension around the head and on the neck, as well.

The Inside of Your Brow Bone

If you’re extremely stressed or have spent too much time on the computer, you can experience tension headache that can be easily treated. Against the inside of your brow bone, gently press your forefinger or thumb and move it in a circular manner. At first, this point can be very sore and tense. If you press hard enough, the pain may be felt radiating from the eye socket down to the neck. Fortunately, after you’ve given this point a proper massage for 2 – 5 minutes, you can experience relief that follows the same pattern. The tightness and tension in your heads starts to loosen up and this feeling usually travels down along the eye socket and towards the jaw and neck.

Some Things to Remember:

1. Massaging the scalp just once will not generate new hair growth. To obtain results, you must do this every day.

2. To reduce stress, alternate between massaging acupressure points and long, relaxing strokes.

3. Massage can help detoxify the body; and to enhance the cleansing process, it is important to drink adequate amounts of water after a massage. This helps prevent muscle fatigue, headaches, and cramps.

4. All the above-mentioned tension points can be applied with consistent pressure for two minutes at a time. A deeper release can be achieved by “holding” points for an extended amount of time.