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The Wonderful Benefits of Acupuncture Davis

October 29, 2011

What is acupuncture?  Acupuncture Davis is a 5000 year old ancient Chinese medical tradition that is part of an assortment of natural Chinese modalities called traditional Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture’s foundation of medical treatment is based on the concept of vital energy called chi running in the body.  When chi is blocked from circulation, energy imbalance begins to be experienced leading to all kinds of illnesses and diseases.  Conversely, good health is enjoyed when the body is in a state of energy balance.  Modern life is wracked with stressful experiences, physical and mental, that causes the vessels holding chi to block and cause imbalances of energy in certain parts of the body. With acupuncture, oftentimes in combination with Chinese herbal remedies, balance is restored and any blockages that have arisen due to stress or other factors are removed.  In this manner, acupuncture is the only known treatment that can successfully treat more than 30 health conditions according to the World Health Organization.  It is safe, natural and unlike, medications, does not cause harmful side effects to the body.

Some of the health conditions that acupuncture is highly touted to effectively treat, chronic or otherwise are infertility, pregnancy problems, menopausal issues, PMS, fatigue, stress, fibromyalgia, asthma, allergies, headaches, GI problems, behavioral and chemical addiction, insomnia, anxiety and depression.  Acupuncture is also used as a natural form of cosmetic enhancement as opposed to cosmetic surgery, botox, etc.

Basically, acupuncture uses needles inserted at particular areas in the body to stimulate the body into treating a certain condition and for the relief of pain.

Depending on the person’s constitution and the magnitude of the disorder, the length of treatment per person may differ.  Typically, most conditions may take 2 to 4 weeks to treat while for a few, treatment can last a year.  Chronic and longstanding conditions can take several months of treatment since treating a problem that has developed and has lasted for several years also takes a while longer to be resolved.  Many health issues may be resolved within just a few treatments. However, long standing ailments could require a series of treatments, lasting a few weeks to several months. Acupuncture aims not merely to alleviate temporarily painful or distressful symptoms but goes to the underlying cause of the problem and aids the body in treating it.

The hurt factor due to the needles is the most common issue regarding this treatment.  However, for those who have undergone acupuncture, most people experience just a slight sensation as the needles are placed in the skin for a few seconds.  As the effect of the needles set in, most of them fall asleep due to the tranquil and relaxing effect of the treatment.  There are side effects to the treatment albeit all of them positive; they are the feeling of elation, vitality and well-being.