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Weight Loss Prevention

January 19, 2014

There are certain foods that help make losing weight more difficult to achieve and they include among others:

  • Sweets – Sugar makes the body produce acid which helps retard weight loss. We know that too much sugar is bad for the health. Sugar is very dangerous for diabetics so you need to know who can and can not take in sugar to help stop weight loss.
  • White foods – These include white pasta and white bread as well as baked goods made from white flour. These are carbohydrates with little or no nutritional benefit. White foods are refined foods with most of its nutrients removed that they add nothing to your body except add calories to it. Strangely, white foods contain calories that are quite difficult to burn. Exercise and any type of diet program may not work in burning these calories.
  • Red Meat – Red meat is quite rich in fat content and is very high in calories as well. Eating a lot of red meat can make you gain weight if you need to gain weight. Red meat is also bad for cancer patients and for people with heart problems.

Prevention of involuntary weight loss is a bit difficult to do, but with a healthy lifestyle, regular consultation with your doctor and proper medical care will assist you to maintain or regain an active and healthy life. Immediate treatment of underlying medical problems can be the ideal path to prevent and address involuntary weight loss.